New year, exciting times.

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2018. I personally cannot say that my self. On Saturday December 30, I woke up sick and six days later I am still fighting this sickness. On December 28th I got out of work early and took advantage of my time. I got home packed my … Continue reading New year, exciting times.

Race,run and run some more.

Saturday was finally here. Carrabba's relay race was scheduled to begin at 7:30 am. I prepared the night before... We made sure to get there on time. Not long after our team came together. Our goal was 3rd or better.  I was running the anchor while Blanca was running the third leg. We had a … Continue reading Race,run and run some more.

Slow start to June.ย 

Last week ended on a high note. Everything was looking great. Late Saturday night I found out I would be competing in the first out of four races for the SA Summer youth series. At the  starting line I already knew this would not be a great run for me. I was right. After having … Continue reading Slow start to June.ย 

Cheers to beginning of June.ย 

As we say goodbye to May plans begin to take shape for June. Very exciting times it is for Blanca and I. On June 10th we will be taking part in a free chip timed event. The Fit pass Dash takes place in the newly renovated Pearsall Park here in San Antonio. I have yet … Continue reading Cheers to beginning of June.ย 

Rethink training and a Packed Weekend.

Blanca has been very dedicated to her goals it may be backfiring. We have been discussing a lot lately about our goals pertaining to running. She has tough but attainable goals. I cannot wait for the day she hits her 19 minute 5K. I believe in her and I know we will be heading to … Continue reading Rethink training and a Packed Weekend.

The Beginning.

Hi there. My name is Daniel and I enjoy the run life. This website was created to help and encourage others like myself. Both my wife and I have many goals in life. The majority of them involve running. No, I am not a professional nor did I run collegiate heck I did not even … Continue reading The Beginning.