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South Texas Runner

Most female runners who start off with a cardio dominant routine form lean muscles. I started this way. I was a cardio junkie. I always stated, “You’ll never see me carry weights.” Never say never.

At my leanest, I weighed in at 125 lbs proudly. Now, according to my average BMI, I was in the correct weight class for a 5’5’’ female. Only until, I saw previous pictures did I realize my pride in being lean was actually starting to look “too” lean. (See photos below. Weight 125lbs and no strength training)

I would get upset when older women would point it out. I would think they were wrong. I was lean because I worked hard!

As a runner, I had the misconception that if I lifted weights I would get too heavy to progress my speed. Well after observing Olympic track athletes, I stand corrected. More muscle is necessary…

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Global Running Day

Why does one even run? Why would anyone want to go outside and run in scorching heat or blistering cold? I would say because we love to suffer. Along with pushing the boundaries of ones body, running is and isn't a individual sport. There are many reasons why a person runs. Some do it to … Continue reading Global Running Day

A weekend to remember

As the week came to a close we begin to hear of how exciting it is to have a three day weekend. What plans do you have this weekend? That precise question is always thrown around this time a year. We begin to hear words such as pool, BBQ, road trip, and rest. These activities … Continue reading A weekend to remember