Global Running Day

Why does one even run? Why would anyone want to go outside and run in scorching heat or blistering cold? I would say because we love to suffer. Along with pushing the boundaries of ones body, running is and isn’t a individual sport.

There are many reasons why a person runs. Some do it to lose weight others for a cause and some because they love competition. I would say that I’m a combination of all three.

The only way I lose weight is when I run. I am convinced that cardio is the best way to drop those pounds. Your diet (what one intakes) also plays a major role.

I began my running journey about seven years ago. My brother is the one who started it all. During that time one of my aunts was fighting cancer and that’s all I had on my mind while I put in those summer miles. My first ever half marathon was completed in her memory.

I love competition. I may not be the best but I know there is another level I have yet to discover. Having friends and teammates who constantly tell you that your capable of certain goals only keeps me motivated.

Is there any other benefit to running? Yes! Since I started my running journey I have met many new friends, mentors, coaches. I have traveled, competed and celebrated. Running is a global sport. Running is a sport that can be shared across all borders, ethnicities, languages and more.

Running brings people together no matter how different each and every person may be. Whatever your reason for running may be always remember you are not alone.

Happy Global Running Day!!

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