A weekend to remember

As the week came to a close we begin to hear of how exciting it is to have a three day weekend. What plans do you have this weekend? That precise question is always thrown around this time a year. We begin to hear words such as pool, BBQ, road trip, and rest. These activities are definitely great things to do, but they’re even greater when we stop for a second to reflect on why it is we have the freedom to do such things in the first place.

Memorial Day simply means a three day weekend for some but it may mean much more to your next door neighbor. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. On this day we remember all military people who died while serving our country.

I would like to highlight a group of people who enjoy endurance sports in memory of friends or loved ones lost while serving. wear blue: run to remember was started by some who have gone through that story. On May 28 they encourage you to run in blue. Every American is invited to join. Many locations across the country will be hosting one of these events. Run with a purpose this Memorial Day.

Whether one chooses to participate or not simply remember that Memorial Day is a Day of remembrance and of celebration. We get to enjoy these freedoms thanks to the sacrifices of others.

We Race the States wants to say thank you!!

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