Temps are rising

May has come and is nearly gone. Here in central Texas that means heat and lots of it. High temps with some humidity to go along with it.

We can bear the heat but we cannot beat the humidity. During this time of year I tend to sweat πŸƒπŸΏ πŸ’¦ a lot. Many times have I gone out for a run with planned water stops during the season. Many times have the water fountains not worked as well. I hate carrying items with me on runs, especially long ones. In recent time I’ve been a lot less stubborn and have been very cautious about how I approach my training.

I used to care more about my music playlist than my own safety. I would carry my car key, phone, armband and headphones 🎧. Now I carry my car πŸ”‘, phone πŸ“±, some money πŸ’° and water bottle on long runs. I may be carrying a little more than I would like to, but I know that I’m better off now than I was before.

With rising temperatures around the country please make sure you have water with you. A fun and challenging hobby could turn into your worst nightmare if you don’t plan properly. Make sure to start a habit of drinking water even when you are not running. Trust me your body will appreciate it. Dehydration is no bueno. (No good)

1) don’t forget your car key

2) have your phone with you

3) carry a bottle for hydration

4) make sure someone you trust knows where you are in case of an emergency

5) know where your water stops are

6) carry money or card (optional)

Tips you can look over so that you may have a better running experience during this summer.

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