New year, exciting times.

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2018. I personally cannot say that my self. On Saturday December 30, I woke up sick and six days later I am still fighting this sickness.

On December 28th I got out of work early and took advantage of my time. I got home packed my backpack prepared Belle and took off to The Greenline.

The Greenline is a new park in Brooks City Base formerly Brooks Air Force Base built in 1917 and closed in 2011. Recently the area now known as Brooks City Base has been in development with new apartments, restaurants and more.

When my wife and I moved back to the south side we were excited to see the changes. The Greenline finally opened late fall of 2017. I never imagined a park this nice on my old stomping grounds.

The Greenline

-1 mile of lit biking trails

-1.5 miles of run/walking trails

-outdoor “gym”

-BBQ pavilions


-Art and more

Belle and I began our walk at the center of it all. There to welcome us was a beautiful art piece.

As we made our walk down the trail we came across several exciting things.

-Complete bike station with pump

-Large Pavilion

-foosball/ table tennis (ping pong)

-large chess/ checkers board

These areas of play were fairly close to each other. These great amenities were followed by a child’s obstacle course. The child can play while the parent can exercise! ๐Ÿ˜…

And we continue…

The path led us down another 1/5 mile stretch down to a turnaround point.

We turned around and followed the path leading us to the rest of the park.

The view across the lake from the other side.

As we continued you arrive at the street crossing where cars are warned of cross walkers.

Onward we go.across the little bridge you can see how close our apartments are to the path. You can either turn right and follow the path or turn left and make your way back to the center. We took a left turn we’re we came across some more art and small pavilions with BBQ grills.

We eventually made our way back to the street were we needed to cross. As we made our way back I felt good knowing that there is now something great on this side of San Antonio. Not only is it great it is on historic grounds.

Brooks Air Force Base will never be forgotten. With the makeover of the Hangar and the announcement of new restaurants Brooks City Base is sure to be a place to be.

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