Race,run and run some more.

Saturday was finally here. Carrabba’s relay race was scheduled to begin at 7:30 am. I prepared the night before…

We made sure to get there on time. Not long after our team came together. Our goal was 3rd or better. 

I was running the anchor while Blanca was running the third leg. We had a bit of a rough start because our first leg was a little under the weather.

Santino passed the baton to Erica. She had not run this race in a couple of years. After having completed her leg she passed on to Blanca. Even though I anchored, Blanca had the fastest leg overall. As Blanca was coming around the track my nerves were wiped. It was game time. I rely on my watch to keep me honest. If I get too excited I would push too hard and bonk later. 

 My quad was acting up and I was just trying to reach the finish. I finished as strong as I could and our team effort gave us a third place out of 27 (2+2 division) and 13th place overall.

Later that afternoon Blanca and I went out for a free burger at Chris Madrids.

The following morning Blanca was scheduled to do some photography for a family friend. While they were out, I joined IAAP training for their Sunday morning run.



I completed 7.5 miles while others did 10. What did we do after this run on Father’s Day? We did what we do best. 


We finished the evening visiting family. 

Speedwork Monday was upon us. I started a little easy and then worked my way up to the front. Lately my body has felt a little beat so I will soon be planning some rest time.

Tuesday was our date with Downtown Run Group. Even though most go for a four mile run I couldn’t do more than three that evening. 

Wednesday I joined Blanca for the first time. We made it out to Olmos Basin Park where we met up with Team Wolfpack for a tough 4 mile run.

On Thursday we made the drive out to the Runners Ranch where we reunited with IAAP. There we would run a couple loops on the sand in preparations for our Luau Relay come August. 

On Friday both Blanca and I joined by Anita went out for a three mile easy run. We met at the Pearl and made our way towards the Witte Museum. Once we finished we made our way to the Midsummer Night 5k. 

The night was finished watching many women cross the finish line as happy as ever. Great to see many women come run representing the many groups located here in San Antonio.

Monday Speedwork- 1 mile warm up (fartlek 2min x 6) 1 mile Cooldown

Tuesday- 3 mile run 

Blanca-7 miles

Wednesday- 4 miles

Thursday- 3.5 miles

Friday- 3 miles

Watch our latest YouTube video at South Tecas Runners- Carrabbas’s Classic Half Marathon

Subscribe to the channel above.

For some info on run groups around the country click here

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