June. Race recap and more. 

We had an early start to Saturday morning. Our drive to the Fit Pass Dash 5k was not long but parking was limited. We arrived just in time to grab a spot. We made our way to meet with friends. After a couple of speakers the race began. About 85% of the race was trail with two major inclines. One was located at the beginning and the second one near the end. The race was probably the toughest 5k I’ve run this year. 

3 third place
1st in age category

IAAP Group Picture

The great morning was followed by breakfast with one of our favorite families.

After arriving home and having showered we were ready to head right back out. 

Blanca enjoys watching fitness vlogs. One of her favorites resides in the Alamo City. Heidi aka Buff Bunny was having her new clothing line celebration at Yanaguana Gardens. She has recently become a hit online with her tips on health,fitness and personality. 

Formerly Hemisphere Park

She got to meet them and take home a raffle prize as well. We finished the night with my brother and sister in law. 

It was very hot we made a quick stop at la paleteria. Blanca had a mango paleta and I had a bottle of water.

Sunday was spent catching up on some yard work. Our wonderful friends came over to help us. After a couple hours of yard work we decided to go have some lunch. That evening was spent rooting for the USA in an important World Cup Qualifier. As I watched the game Blanca went out for a long run. She ran a mile loop several times for a total of 9 miles. She would come drop off her water and I would have another ready for her outside the door.
Monday brought work and more work. The hard work that comes with running. 

Fartleks in the river walk
IAAP team picture

Tuesday brought us a very hot and humid day. 

We had to get a little shade before our run. 

On Wednesday I went from work straight to Brack High School. Blanca went on to record a number of hilly miles. She joined  the wonderful Wolfpack team. 

A good friend of mine runs in the early mornings. He’s invited me a handful of times and I’ve yet to go. After another invite that evening, I decided to go. By 4:50 am Thursday morning I was parked at the Dunkin Donuts. 

The ladies went out for 3 miles. Henry and I went out for 4. 

By 2o’clock that afternoon I was low on energy. I was tired but I didn’t regret the run. 

The rest of Thursday and all of Friday were relax days for me. I wanted to be ready for our relay race Saturday morning. 

Training week

Monday- Fartlek 1 mile warm up (2 min speed)(2 min rest) x6 (1 mile Cooldown)

Tuesday- Daniel(3 miles) Blanca (4miles)

Wednesday- Daniel(1 mile warm up)(6×600)(1 mile Cooldown) Blanca (4.5 miles)

Thursday- Daniel(4 miles) Blanca (rest)

Friday- Daniel & Blanca (rest)

The running continues. Blanca has been receiving much support and tips on preparing for Boston Qualifying. I have yet to decide on a marathon followed by an ultra. We truly cherish each and everyone’s advice on how to take care of our bodies. Just as the community loves us we love you all too. I hope this blog inspires someone. Anyone willing to get up and try something for the first time we are here for you. Strive for your goals daily. 

Have a great week.

South Texas Runners– YouTube page

IAAP training– register online(free run group)

Downtown Run Group– centrally located(free group)

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