Simple yet impactful. Tip #1

A couple years back I was sitting at the Rock n Roll expo. If I remember correctly both Blanca and I were listening to Josh Cox. (American Record 50K) The floor was open for questions. After having answered a few, a spectator asked,”what is one useful tip?” His answer was simple yet impactful. From that day forward, I have been using this simple trick. By this time you may be asking,”so what is it?” Here it is….

Pinch the cup. Yes! That is all, pinch the cup. 

Being competitive I grab the cup and keep running. I have had water up my nose, Gatorade fall on my shirt, and Ive also spilled my water onto the ground.

Even though this trick only works with one particular cup, most likely the race will have this cup.

Do not be afraid to “politely snatch” the cup from the volunteer. From this day forward you will be using this trick. 

Wide open cup

Pinched cup

Give it a shot! Water up my nose is no more! By pinching the cup you have created a spigot for yourself. This also allows you to continue running withou water wasting. 

There you have it. We Race the States tip numero uno. 

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Thank you 

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