Slow start to June. 

Last week ended on a high note. Everything was looking great. Late Saturday night I found out I would be competing in the first out of four races for the SA Summer youth series. At the  starting line I already knew this would not be a great run for me. I was right. After having run hills on Friday and another seven miler on Saturday I figured Sunday would be tough. 

Both Blanca and I enjoy arriving early to these races. This allows us to capture great footage for our South Texas Runners YouTube Page. I really enjoyed the way this video race recap came out. 

The race itself was fantastic. I enjoyed the location and route for this race. For more info on Run SA Youth series click here.

I had such a hard time.  I thought I was running about an 8:20 pace. I didn’t exactly know because I had forgotten my watch. I ended averaging a 7:48 pace. 

As the day rolled on I began to feel sick. I had a headache and my body began to hurt. By 6 pm I was stuck to the sofa for the rest of the evening. 

Monday was just a continuation of Sunday. I was able to clock-in at work 2 hours later than usual. By that time I felt a tad bit better. I definitely had to miss 😓 training with IAAP. 

Tuesday was definitely one for the books. Would you believe me if I said Katherine Switzer made an appearance? You know the first official lady to compete and complete the Boston Marathon. Here’s a short documentary. What a surprise! Rock n Roll reps decided to take her to the one spot DRG meets each Tusday for evening runs. 

I arrived a little too late due to work. By the time I had arrived the major part of the excitement had calmed down. We eventually set off on our 4 mile run. I personally had a tough run. Being sick really sucks!!😒

Wednesday was a big day. Why? Happy Global Running Day! 

Even though I was feeling better I had a way to go. I began the warm ups with IAAP training while Blanca went out for a run with another exceptional group. Wolfpack running is made up of great runners who hold great relationships on and off the pavement. I was able to gut out a decent speed day consisting of 6x600s.

That same morning Blanca was given the go to leave work to attend the press conference. The conference was presented by Rock n Roll officials with the presence of Katherine Switzer. For having attended Blanca received a free entrance to the San Antonio race in any distance she chooses. 

Thursday and Friday brought more relaxation than anything else. I am still recovering and thinking about this Saturday’s free 5k at Pearsall Park. This week alone brought some big birthdays. My mother and my father both had days of celebration. On Friday we came together as a family to celebrate. 

This weeks training was a little tough. 

Monday- NA

Tuesday- easy 4 miles

Wednesday- 1 mile warm up(6×600)1 mile Cooldown 

Thursday- NA

Friday- NA

Blanca has recently decided to make a real effort to qualify for the Boston Marathon. With the help of our running community we believe she can get it done. We also believe that you can reach your goals. Whatever your goals maybe the running community will back you up. Do not be afraid to reach out to someone such as myself. 

For more info on our run groups click on the following …


Visit our YouTube page and follow the South Texas Runners.

Don’t forget to do what you love. It may or my not be running. You do not want to go through life not knowing what it would have been like if you never even tried. Go for it!

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