Cheers to beginning of June. 

As we say goodbye to May plans begin to take shape for June. Very exciting times it is for Blanca and I. On June 10th we will be taking part in a free chip timed event. The Fit pass Dash takes place in the newly renovated Pearsall Park here in San Antonio. I have yet to do the race but I hear that it may or may not include trails, pavement, and maybe some hills. We will then be competing in Carrabba’s San Antonio Road Runners Half Marathon Relay team. Last year we were able to take 3rd Place. Hopefully we can repeat or do even better this year.

With the desire to do and represent my teams well, Blanca and I continue to push our training to the next level.

Due to a busy weekend of races last week coach Iñiguez had us run a 4.5 mile loop. We got a little competitive. 

Due to work I was not able to make it out to DRG Tuesday evening run. I took advantage of the later shift and completed a 4 mile out and back trail run. 

Wednesday evening was great. It rained for a good portion of the day. As I was freed from work I immediately made my way to Brackenridge High School for speed work. About five minutes out it began to pour. Experience has shown that  the rain doesn’t last too long. Instead of beginning at seven we began at 7:10. The weather was awesome and I had a great outing on the track.

Thursday included much needed rest. I got up from bed and took the time to put in some core work before work. Blanca was able to make it home early enough to run three miles and shower before I got home. I played basketball and I greatly regret it. Why would I say that? As I jumped to grab a board I felt a knee drive right onto my left quad. Yes! The quad that already gives me trouble at times.

On Friday after work I rushed out to Pearsall park. There I would meet Fito and the Ramirez family, Justine and of course Blanca. There we enjoyed a nice three mile run on trail with some mildly tough inclines. This miles would be the first for June.

Saturday was fun! I went on a seven mile run. I completed it in 58:56. This route is definitely one of my favorites. It include scenery and inclines. By the end it looked as though I went for a Sam instead or a run.

Heading to start thinking why am I doing this.

“I’m glad I did.”
Week recap

Monday- 1 mile warm up/ 4.5 mile run

Tuesday- 4 mile trail run

Wednesday- 1 mile warm up/ 6×600 speed work/ 1 mile cool down

Thursday- core,stretch,roll/ Blamca ran 3 miles

Friday- 4 mile trail run

Saturday- 7 mile run

If you are from San Antonio or not here are some groups you can join or visit.



If you are traveling to Washington, Kansas, or even Alaska you can check out our Run Group Directory to find a run group to visit or to call home. If you’d like to add your group or club please submit your info.

Please view and subscribe to our Youtube Page at South Texas Runners.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!

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