May is ending. Training continues. 

Monday morning was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. By the grace of God, I began my new job. For those who do not know I was unemployed for some time. My wife and I are very grateful for the support we have received from family and friends. For those of you that did not know, your friendship alone has helped us be content even in the situation we found ourselves in. Our running community has unknowingly helped us survive this time. I am forever grateful. After clocking out it was time for a run. 

After a stacked weekend we returned to training. Due to many participating in events, Monday speed work turned into Monday workout. 

Tuesday was a little different. After leaving work I made my way to The Pearl Brewery. There we gather with Downtown Run Group. This past Tuesday could have possibly been my last for a while. My schedule goes a bit passed the time our group begins their runs. Tuesday was a bit rough. As I began the run with Santino and Walter we see Blanca finishing her run. I had to turn back at 1.5 miles. My legs were plain tired. 

Wednesday we returned to our normal routine. After a terrible 3 mile run on Tuesday I was definitely nervous for what was coming. An hour later I complete my last 600. We began our cooldown soon after. IAAP Training

Sometime Thursday my wife sends me a message. We were invited to the Runners Ranch. The ranch has a 1.75 mile route all made of sand. 

This trail is definitely a workout. Thank you coach Iñiguez for all you do for us and the running community all around San Antonio. 

Friday! Yes! It is Friday. What better thing to do on a Friday than to grab some food and stay home with my love. We rested and it felt real good. My plan was to go a little longer on Saturday. 

Waking up at 7am and out the door b 7:30. Aaaaand it’s humid. Humid as heck. I was still determined to get my 7 miles in. I was joined by two others. We toned it down and ran at about a 9 minute pace. I feel fantastic. 

Workout recap. 

Monday- 1 mile warm up / 4.5 mile run down the river walk

Tuesday- (morning) stretching and rolling

(Evening) 3 miles (Blanca) 7 miles 

Wednesday- 1 mile warm up/ 6×600/ 1 mile Cooldown 

Thursday- (morning) core/stretch/roll

(Evening) 3.5 mile run on sand 

Friday- REST!

Saturday- Blanca(3 miles) she ran with 3 new DRG attendees

7 miles for me

Saturday has been nice. We have been preparing ourselves for the Sunday morning run. We will be filming and spectating for the American Heroes 25K Relay. We do this as a hobby. Blanca and I also want to see the San Antonio community know more about running. You can view our YouTube page South Texas Runners and subscribe too. 

You can follow our own successes and struggles as we work hard to reach our goals on Instagram

  Daniel & Blanca

Thank you. 

One thought on “May is ending. Training continues. 

  1. Daniel n N Blanca, me nGabby appreciate ur friendship. We need friends like u, thank God u guys hanged in there n didn’t lost hope.!!!. we r grateful to have met u.. Whenever u guys need any kind of help or advise please let us know.we would love to b there to help out with anything that we offer, we feel the same way towards the running group, we found so much hope bu joining the IAAP running group. We love it n it’s part of our lives now. Again Again we thank you. U guys r aweawesome!!!!!


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