The Race after the race

I really desired to stay the night after having run Beach to Bay. Unfortunately, that was not an option. We had to get home and get some rest. Sunday morning I had a race. The Barbacoa and Big Red 5K had arrived. I try to approach every 5K the same. Run to win. That is to always run your best. Running to win means I have it my all that day not matter the circumstances to PR. 

Since I was not able to get my packet Friday evening. We had to arrive on site early for two reasons. 

1. Go a get my bib and shirt 

2. Get some recording done for our YouTube page. 

South Texas Runners

It was great and cool breezy morning. I was definitely excited. This particular race was important because it benefits the SA Eagles Track Club. They will be having two more events in the near future. I would highly recommend you supporting this great non- profit. 

Once I received my bib I began to warm up. Loosening up and going for a pre race run is a fantastic way to make sure you are ready for such a race. I went into this race not expecting to run my best time but hoping to do well. 

The game plan was on my mind. That’s the easy part. What’s the hard part you ask? Execution. Could I actually keep with the plan? 


Run the first mile conservatively. I was thinking a 7 min mile then push. I usually push from start and end badly. 

 Here is how it went….

I went out at about 6:30 pace. Once I realized that I began to slow it down. I got to my 7 min pace with my good friend Arnulfo. He will now be known in this blog as Fito.

Right after that I felt comfortable in pushing the pace. Even though I meant to push my second mile was slower. Realizing I had 1 mile left I had a sudden resurgence. 

Mile 1- 7:03

Mile 2- 7:18

Mile 3 – 7:00

Finishing the race with a 21:50. My buddy Fito just edge me out with an amazing last second kick.

I didn’t PR but I definitely set my second best time. I was and I still am very happy with my results. I do believe the hard work is paying off. 
After the race we all came together and had a good ol’e south Texas barbacoa and Big Red fun. I do like Barbacoa while Big Red is consumed maybe twice a year.

I sincerely had such a great time at this event. When the running community comes together as it did on this particular Sunday morning you will leave with memories you’ll never forget. 

To see a video recap of La Big Red and Barbacoa 5K click here. Subcribe to our YouTube page. 

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