A first for us.

My job on Friday was to make sure I had everything prepared for our trip to Corpus Christi. Blanca packed the night before and had left for work. Cleaning around the house I receive a message saying that she would be free after the staff meeting. Departure dropped from 5:30ish to 3pm. 

We were to meet at my parents home. After visiting for a couple minutes we were off. About 10 minutes into our ride we come across our good friend John Tracy. 

After a two hour drive we arrive at our destination. We met up with the group I was running on. Not wasting any time we left for the expo. 

Official finish line at Expo

At the expo Blanca was also able to catch up with Team Wolf Pack. Blanca was given one very important assignment. Make sure you start at the FRONT. 

Ready they were. 

After a couple of hours at the expo it was time to grab a bite. After 1,2 ok 3 slices ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ•we were talking last minute logistics. We stressed a lot about how Blanca was to get from the end of leg 1 to the beginning of leg 4 without arriving late. We crossed our fingers and said good night. 

Fast forward. 

4 am

She is totally ready. 

By 5 everyone was in the car and off we were. We dropped of leg 3 then leg 1. I walked over with a run friend over to leg 2. After a 7am start time we awaited 3.15 miles away. 

Coach Iรฑiguez
Blanca Leg 1 (Team Wolfpack)

After a fantastic start she rushed out to Leg 4. I awaited for my team mate to arrive. Once she got there I grabbed baton and began my leg. Sadly I forgot my watch at the hotel so I never knew my speed. I was running completely based on how I felt. I feel like I could’ve done a bit better had I been tracking it myself. 8 minute pace for 4.67 miles was still a success I thought. 

Once I completed my leg I was picked up by some other team mates and went to leg 4.

 There we waited on a couple more runners. Once we all came together it was time to head to the celebration. 

Blanca finished her leg and found her way back to the finish. There she met with her team for a group picture. 

4th place (co ed)

A little over an hour later my team completes the race. 

131 out of 700 + (odds and ends)
This was a fantastic experience. We held out for too long. If logistics are on then this is race you cannot miss. Did I mention 100% humidity? 

It was time to pack up and go. After grabbing some lunch it was time to go home. Until next time . 

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