Rethink training and a Packed Weekend.

Blanca has been very dedicated to her goals it may be backfiring. We have been discussing a lot lately about our goals pertaining to running. She has tough but attainable goals. I cannot wait for the day she hits her 19 minute 5K. I believe in her and I know we will be heading to Boston one of these days. 

After running the District Heroes race this past Saturday she decided to go for a run. Mile repeats! She did very well. Come Monday she had a hard time with our fartlek workout. In the recent weeks many experienced runners have taken her under their wing. You have no idea how much I love my running community here in San Antonio. More on that in a bit.. 

This weekend is jam packed with events. Both Blanca and I have heard about the Beach to Bay event in Corpus Christi. 

We’ve been invited in the past but honestly never really considered. This year is different. We were not going to do it this year. Just a week ago some how Blanca was able to join in and help two teams compete. She is very excited and nervous. She is honored to be running for two excellent run groups. 

Whether she has a fantastic outing or not I know she gave it her all that day. I know this weekend will be no different. Two days after her joining these teams I was invited to join and complete a team. We can finally say we competed in Beach to Bay.  

I will also be competing in the Barbacoa and Big Red 5K in San Antonio the following day. 

Side note: I have begun reading this book. Hopefully the first of many. I will write a review once I’m done. 

This race is for a fantastic cause. ^

Here was this weeks training run down.

MONDAY-Speedwork (fartleks) 1 mile warm up (2 min 5K pace x6) 2 min Cooldown in between (1 mile cool down)

TUESDAY- I ran 5 miles 8:30 pace – Blanca took it easy and ran 2.5 miles

WEDNESDAY- 1 mile warm up (6×400) 1 mile cool down 

Getting faster

Blanca went to go meet with Wolfpack Running. She wanted to meet some of her relay team members. 

Borrowed from Facebook

She is very grateful to have meet each and every one of them. She is sincerely happy to be a part of this great team. Blanca is taking every bit of advice and will make sure she takes care of her body. I want to see the best Blanca out there while staying injury free. 

THURSDAY- Stretching/ Rolling/ Core work 

FRIDAY- REST (traveling to Corpus Christi)

Saturday- BEACH To BAY 

You are more than welcome to come by and run with us at DRG or IAAP training

Instagram my progress at dannymtz005 and We Race The States.

You can follow my wife’s progress and goals at blancamartinez081614

 I hope this inspires or helps you in one way or another. We love our running community and that’s including you. 

If you’d like to submit a run group and be added to the directory go to contacts and submit the form. Until then

“Run inspired”

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