Mid-May intense May

Training is getting intense! There has been a fire lit in my wife’s eyes. She is more focused than ever and I am loving it. I see her making her food the night before and waking early in the morning to hit the gym. Yes, the gym the same day we head to log in some miles. I support her and hope she reaches her ultimate goals.  This past Saturday we participated in a local 5K along side many of our run friends. This was an awesome event and free to the public. 

I had a little trouble. I went out way too strong and suffered the rest of the way. Blanca was able to take 1st in her age category and 3rd female overall. I continue to encourage her daily and love to see her smiles.

I have seen a major improvement myself. Speed work is tough but if you push through it the results will come. The past 2 weeks I have been able to keep up with the front of the pack during our fartleks.

This maybe the reason why I struggled on Sayurdays race.

Monday 8th- 1 mile warmup / 6x2min fartleks / 1mile Cooldown

Tuesday 9th- easy 3 miles

Wednesday 10th- 1 mile warmup / 6×600 / 1 mile Cooldown

Thursday 11th- 2 mile hill workout

Friday 12th- 3 mile easy trail-hill work

Saturday 13th- District4 Heroes 5k

I had a packed week of short miles. Coe Saturday I had no gas in the tank. Over the weekend my wife went shopping for new much earned shoes. I believe she has found her favorite brand.

It’s been a tough week but i am more than ready for the next. My goal here is to unite all runners no matter the what level you are . Beginner or experienced we are a family of runners. My story my life is for you to see that it can be done.

If you ever visit San Antonio you are more than welcome to us at IAAP training and Downtown Run Group. 

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