The Beginning.

Hi there. My name is Daniel and I enjoy the run life. This website was created to help and encourage others like myself.
Both my wife and I have many goals in life. The majority of them involve running. No, I am not a professional nor did I run collegiate heck I did not even run in high school. My wife and I enjoy traveling when its financially possible of course. We have decided to run a marathon in each of the fifty states. We have a long way to go but are determined to do it together for the next however many years it will take.
My wife and I have completed and competed in the marathon down to the five kilometer. We have contemplated and are very interested in starting to do some trail running as well. My wife and I enjoy watching run documentaries, whether professionally made or not. These movies motivate us to work hard and continue to get better and fight for those goals. We are proud to be a part of two amazing run groups in San Antonio, Tx. I believe that these two groups are key to achieving our goals. Special thanks to Downtown Run Group and IAAP Training. My wife and I both realize how important our run groups are to us and know there are other who feel the same about theirs.
When we travel we look for other run groups or clubs who are willing to share their run family with us. Last December we traveled to Orlando for some business and while we are at it visited an ole friend who was part of our run group. We searched for a run group and came across the Orlando Runners Club. They were great. We ran through some beautiful neighborhoods during Christmas season and then shared laughs over dinner. After that experience amongst others I have decided to create this site. This is all built for runners by runners. If you ever travel to San Antonio this is a formal invitation to join us at either of my favorite run groups. Downtown Run Group or IAAP Training
This is our lives and how WE RACE THE STATES was born.

If you would like to add your run group, charity, race management please email your info on our contact page.

Thank you for your time and we hope to connect with you and hear your inspiring story.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. Trails are a blast. Govt. Canyon is perfect from now until about October. My goal is to hit it up twice a week in the summer during the evenings. I’m down the road in Kallison, but I think you know that already.

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  2. Yeah! Blanca ran a half there a little over a year ago. It has been a while for us but we went out there about three months ago and did the long loop. We did do trails for about 4 months every Thursday and I have to say that was a blast for sure. I’m glad your giving the marathon another shot.


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